You hear a scream in the middle of the night. You wake up and see your sister lying on the floor lifeless…

You will have to reach the heart of the Empire to find out who ordered to kill her and why.

Your intentions are clear, you will not spare anyone who stands in your way…


- Simple and intuitive controls to put you immediately at the core of the action.

- No waste of time by navigating through several menus or by having to remember complex combos.

- The appeal of an old "arcade" mechanics from the past, but with a more dynamic and "modern" rhythm.

- Simple game mechanics but requiring a lot of practice to be mastered at its best.

- Short and fast levels, perfect even for quick gaming sessions.

- Fluid animations and fast action.

- 3 bonus games that will empower your character.

- 20 different levels.

- Fast and accurate system of impacts.

- Very rewarding collisions.

- Dynamic camera that emphasizes combat phases.

A Bloody Night Demo (#686460) by Emanuele Leoncilli

, July 29, 2017
Price: FREE
App #686460 categories: Game demo , Full controller support , Single-player
Metascore: %
Languages: English
Support url: [email protected]
February 02, 2018

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