App #745310 categories: Game demo , Single-player , Steam Achievements

Generally, this game is made for memes.
That's why it has an awful artwork and a hilarious name.

It is also a game for you, if you meet at least three of the following conditions:

1. You like innovative puzzle games.
The main idea of YAPP is to make a game full of "erueka" moments.
You are given two abilities at the start of the game, and keep learning new usages of your abilities through out the whole game.
One new usage in each level.
There is no repetition.

2. You like challenging puzzle games.
Within the scope of my knowledge, it is one of the hardest puzzle platformers ever made.
(Not one of the hardest puzzles.

At least it's easier than Stephen's Sausage Roll.)

3. You have played one or two platformers before.
The platformer part of this game is not hard for an average player, but still frustrating for newcomers.
("Double jump" included)

4. You can endure my awful artwork and poor English.


  • 6 worlds, each has a different theme.
  • 42 unique puzzles, including some challenging ones.
  • 10 stars, even more challenging.
  • Changable timescale.

    (helps a lot on the platformer part)

  • Every puzzle is skippable. Except for the level select screen. (Yes, the level select screen itself is also a puzzle.)
  • Noticeboards everywhere.

    (Life is just like noticeboards in YAPP. You never know what you're gonna get.)

  • Several lines adapted from an ancient Chinese philosopher's writings.
  • A big surprise in world 6-7.

    "Thank you for playing to the end" achievement is unlocked as soon as you solve this one. Feel free to skip the others.