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Take aim! This pack contains a permanent sniper rifle for the sniper class, a sidearm, a melee weapon, an armor package, a temporary character and grenade skin, and a Double Booster that doubles the amount of in-game currency and experience you earn for 15 calendar days.

  • M1903A1 (Permanent)–Accurate, durable, and deadly, this is the classic bolt-action rifle used by the U.S. Army from WWI to WWII.

  • Colt SAA (Permanent)–Get the gun that won the West!

    This reproduction single-action pistol can rapidly fire high-powered rounds, but its antique design can make it difficult to handle.

  • Hamburger Tray (Permanent)–Food fight! This unique weapon has been cleverly disguised as a food tray, complete with meal, making it perfect for covert mealtime murders. Melee weapon.

  • 16 Armor Package–A full set of armor, combat-ready for all classes! These items grant must-have game effects, including decreased damage, decreased recoil, increased movement speed, and more! The armor contained in this package consumes EUROs (in-game currency) during use.

  • Vasily Zaytsev (30 Days)–[Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev] The legendary sniper, known for his heroic defense of Stalingrad during WWII.

    (Lucky Shot +3%. When Vasily equips a Mosin Nagant, the rifle is automatically upgraded to a Zaytsev Custom.) This character skin expires after 30 calendar days.

  • Maria Doll Bomb (15 Days)–The three little words you really wanted to hear: Maria Doll Bomb. Upon explosion, the Maria Doll Bomb tags the ground with a Heart and a box of chocolates.

    The weapon contained in this package expires after 15 calendar days.

  • Double Booster (15 Days)–Activate the Double Booster to receive double the amount of EURO (in-game currency) and EXP earned from matches. The Double Booster expires after 15 calendar days.