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Relax to the cinematic music of ABZÛ, by heralded composer Austin Wintory. With this album, Austin Wintory takes you on an immersive, auditory journey through the depths of ABZÛ that reflects the games unique visual style and story. From Austin about the album:

"On the heels of JOURNEY's release in 2012, thatgamecompany's Art Director Matt Nava showed me some concept art he'd been making for a new game he was dreaming up: Gorgeous underwater landscapes that straddled the line between realism and fantasy.

Not long after, the studio Giant Squid was founded and he invited me to join him in the creation of ABZÛ.

The overall progression was not unlike our prior collaboration on JOURNEY. I started with a theme ("To Know, Water") very early in the process and then spent the next 3 years developing that material in tandem with the game.

Both game and music went through many iterations and conceptual shapes before arriving in what you hear and see now. As always, that process of discovery was challenging and often filled with self-doubt.

The resulting score is one I can definitely say pushed me into territory I'd never been.

The odd combination of large harp ensemble, semi-traditional orchestra and chamber choir, led by a slew of delicate oboe solos by Kristin Naigus, gave me ingredients for experimentation that were simultaneously great fun and deeply intimidating. All the performers brought incredible magic and I'm eternally grateful for their artistry."

The music of ABZÛ is composed and produced by Austin Wintory and performed live in Nashville and London by the world famous Nashville Scoring Orchestra, London Voices and ABZÛ Harp Ensemble.


To Know, Water 01:58
2. Heaven was not named 01:28
3. Seriola lalandi 03:16

And the Earth did not yet bear a name 02:51
5. Delphinus delphis 04:51
6. No field was formed 01:51

Caranx ignobilis 02:10
8. Myliobatis aquila 03:30
9. No destinies ordained 02:08

Balaenoptera musculus 03:57
11. Architeuthis 00:59
12. Chaos, the mother 04:52

Arandaspis prionotolepis 04:19
14. Elasmosaurus platyurus 03:22
15. Ichthyosaurus communis 02:01

Osteoglossum bicirrhosum 01:15
17. Their waters were mingled together 10:13
18. Then were created the gods in the midst of Heaven 03:49

Featuring oboe solos by Kristin Naigus
Soprano Solos by Ayana Haviv

Orchestrations - Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
MIDI transcription - M.R.

Copyist – Steven Juliani Music

Recording engineer: Nick Spezia
Concertmaster and contractor: Alan Umstead
Recorded at Oceanway Studios

Recording engineer: Jake Jackson
Principal harpist: Skaila Kanga
London Voices conducted by Ben Parry
London Voices directors: Terry Edwards and Ben Parry
Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios

Score mixer and album mastering – Steve Kempster
Music editor – Kevin Globerman
Mix assistant – Jeff Gartenbaum