App #781600 categories: Single-player , Steam Achievements , Full controller support

Abstractism - is an absolutely trivial platformer, but with the one really special feature - there is no the "Game Over"!

But instead, there is an ASMR soundtrack, a stylish minimalistic design and a relaxing atmosphere inside!

  • ASMR sound design
    Abstractism contains a lot of soft and smooth sounds, which complements the relax atmosphere of the game.
    All sounds (even user interface sound effects) made in one style. It is creates a unique extenuating mood. You can just run the game and listen!

  • Stylish artstyle
    Despite that all game textures were made in Paint program, they were processed by the Cinnamon Core - kit of the graphics and effects libraries.
    Simple, but difficult to implement artstyle supplements sound design and gameplay of the Abstractism.

  • Gameplay without "Game Over"
    Use jumps, wall jumps and movement to achieve end of the level.

    Seems pointless, but:
    The main and the only difference between the Abstractism and either platformer game is the "Game Over". You can't die or lose in the Abstractism!
    You can only waste time. But, remember:
    Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time