App #522070 categories: Steam Achievements , Full controller support , Single-player , Steam Trading Cards

Abstract Initiative is a first person platformer with an emphasis on movement based puzzles. You will be given the ability to forcefully move and manipulate objects with the prototype EMG tool. All experiments will be conducted in the newly built offshore test rooms, these challenging environments will require you to be resourceful and innovative.

Experiment Types

  • Initiative: Navigate through puzzling levels
  • Agility: Charge through obstacles and beat the clock
  • Ascent: Build and climb your way to the top using imaginative techniques
  • Factory: Create huge structures with unlocked objects of different shapes and sizes


  • Fully physics based: Place objects however and wherever you want
  • Multi functioning: Push, pull, hold and manoeuvre objects with the EMG tool
  • Buildable: Stack objects to climb and reach new heights
  • Adaptable: Complete experiments in a variety of ways
  • Substantial: Over 45 different experiments to complete
  • Modern: Clean and colourful environments
  • Unlock: 1000 objects and over 20 different object types
  • Upgrade: Level up the EMG tool with energy collectibles
  • Solve: Complete the Initiative code
  • Simple: Easy to learn controls
  • Input: Controller, mouse and keyboard support

Photosensitive epilepsy warning