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This DLC contains fireproof suits that prevent fire damage on Abby, Jack and Kenji and grant the ability to craft incendiary ammunition.

On a tropical island night, all you need is some fireworks to bring a smile to your face, right? Well, now you can light ‘em up all on your own.

Equip all 3 playable characters with a fireproof suit and teach them how to craft incendiary bullets. Because who doesn’t want to walk through flames while lighting their enemies on fire?

Not just for pyromaniacs, kids! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

• Ready to be smoking hot (but not burned)? Then get in that fireproof suit and strut your stuff!

Walk through flaming bushes unharmed. Toss those Molotov cocktails with wild abandon!

• What’s better than firing ammo? Firing FIRE AMMO, of course.

Master the incendiary bullet crafting skill to make your guns shoot flaming projectiles.