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A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an indie adventure game with roots in Celtic mythology and fairy tales. It has an engaging soundtrack of over thirty different pieces to add mood and atmosphere to the game, offering well over an hour of quality music. This soundtrack was shortlisted for Best Music of the Year in the AGS Awards.

This DLC package offers the entire OST in MP3 format, so you can listen to it whenever you want. On behalf of the Crystal Shard team, enjoy!!

Track list is as follows:
A Tale Of... (K.McRae, 1:13)
Apprentice Musings (K.Eliot, 1:21)
Ashe's Theme (K.Eliot, 0:34)
Bedazzled (R.Ferreira, 1:02)
Branwyn's March (R.Ferreira, 1:48)
Carbonek (K.McRae, 2:01)
Cataclysmic (R.Ferreira, 1:51)
Confounded (R.Ferreira, 1:29)
Countryside (K.Eliot, 1:02)
Despair (K.McRae, 1:32)
Despair (R.Ferreira, 1:40)
Do the Pooka!

(Y.Elal, 1:12)
Dreaming of Thierna (K.McRae, 2:29)
El-Ahrairah (Y.Elal, 2:41)
Encased in Crystal (D.Hanley, 1:16)
Finegas's Song (K.Eliot, 1:07)
Home Sweet Havgan (J.Corbett, 1:39)
Hymn to Geraint (R.Ferreira, 7:28)
Maeldun's Demise (N.Sideris, 1:28)
Morholt's Theme (L.Fagerstadt, 0:52)
Mountain Springs (K.McRae, 0:57)
Nightlife, Night Death (N.Sideris, 2:09)
Ocean Winds (L.Fagerstadt, 2:16)
Of Which Nightmares Are Made... (Y.Elal, 1:07)
Once Upon A Time... (N.Sideris, 2:35)
Paradur's Ballad (D.Hanley, 3:00)
Radiance (K.McRae, 3:06)
Ruadh's Sorrow (R.Ferreira, 1:38)
Say your Prayers (K.Eliot, 0:26)
Skull Crushing (L.Fagerstadt, 0:27)
Solstice (R.Ferreira, 3:04)
Taranis (N.Sideris, 0:51)
The Shadow Knows (K.McRae, 2:36)
The Sneak (K.Eliot, 2:41)
Tranquility (J.Corbett, 2:45)
Twice Upon A Time (N.Sideris, 2:07)
Vortigern's Lament (K.McRae, 1:48)
Watching You Always (N.Sideris, 1:16)

Total playtime 70:34