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A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a graphical adventure in the style of the classic Sierra games. Set in the world of Celtic mythology and fairy tales, it features many sidequests and alternate endings. This release is a Deluxe Edition with a new interactive prologue, several graphic updates, and professional voice acting.

Travel to the realm of Theylinn as the king calls on his old enemies for aid against a goblin invasion, get involved in intrigue and fairy trickery, and get stalked by an evil sorcerer who has its own agenda.

Highly recommended for all fans of retro gaming.

ATOTK was named Game of the Month by PC Zone UK, Game of the Year by Screen 7, and has won four AGS Awards including Best Animation and Best Puzzles.
"If ATOTK came out during the genre's heyday, we'd probably be waxing nostalgic about it today in the same breath as King's Quest." - Games for Windows
"A Tale of Two Kingdoms simply blew me away ... This game is a great achievement ... Final Grade: A" - Just Adventure