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A Step Into Darkness is an indie horror game in which you play as a journalist desperate to redeem himself after he made the biggest mistake of his life.

Your boss sends you to a mission to the woodlands, for you to find and document the most mysterious creature ever witnessed by human eyes, the “Darkness”. Your reward: the life of the only person you have ever loved. This is the first episode of three.

It immerses you into the story without throwing you into any intense gameplay.

A Step Into Darkness - Episode One is a free game that features approximately an hour of gameplay.


Martin Preston is a journalist who made the biggest mistake of his life. In a dark night, he heard noises coming from his garage. He held his pistol tight and investigated.

He shot a shadow in the dark, believing to be taking down a burglar. He was mistaken.

Now, his loved one is in a coma and he will soon run out of money to pay for her treatment.

He is contacted by his boss, Adrian Woods, who offers him a chance of redemption. If Martin uncovers the origins of the "Darkness", as the grand finale of the "Earth's Untold Horrors" series of documentaries, Adrian will cover the hospital expenses of Martin's love, in full.

Armed with nothing but a camera, Martin must enter the woods and delve into the mysteries surrounding the monster 'Darkness' and its murderous activities.

It may seem a suicidal mission, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Key features:

  • Full length cutscenes
  • Extensive story-line
  • Fully voice acted characters
  • Approximately 1 hour worth of gameplay (Episode 1)
  • An original soundtrack composed by composer Brett James.