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A Shawn Story follows a morning in the life of Shawn, a 20-something office worker who is late for work, AGAIN! Enter the narrator, a sarcastic British man who tries to dictate Shawn's life, although depending on your choices as Shawn, the narrator may help or hinder in this comedy 2D choice making game.



    10/10! THE NARRATOR SOUNDS HANDSOME AND SMART!" - The Narrator, A Shawn Story.

  • "Wait, I'm supposed to say it now?" - A Homeless gent who we paid 25 pence to get a quote.

Actual Gameplay

A Shawn Story is mostly a 2D choice making game, totaling 16 endings, this game will keep you coming back for more, with different paths that can create a totally different story depending on what your playstyle is!

The Narrator acts differently to how you play the game - for instance - if you were to find

an ending (and no - I'm not saying whever or not this is in the game or not muhahahah) well lets say theoretically its possible to be nude - read the bracket - well then The Narrator might have a few choice words to say to you - or just one!


If you like epic tense first person shooters with explosions - the loud crackling of gun fire and the threat of being the last kill of the game - this isn't the game for you - but if you love indie games that are funny and have personality - this game might be the one for you!