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‘a NIFTY game’ is a fast paced twin stick shooter reminiscent of old arcade games reinterpreted with voxels. Gather powerups with unique effects and collect better weapons to defeat the ever changing enemies and collect their bits.

‘a NIFTY game’ takes place in a simulated world, inhabited by various programs, all competing for resources (bits). Defeat the other programs to gather their bits and increase your own strength. But take care, the system gets corrupted the more programs get forcefully terminated.

Can you survive the evolving programs and the increasing corruption of the system long enough to escape the simulation?

‘a NIFTY game’ features many key elements from similar arcade games, with some added twists.

  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Evolving enemies inspired by genetics
  • Combinable powerups
  • Multiple weapons
  • Shader effects inspired by glitches of old technologies (e.g. scanlines)