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A New World: Kingdoms is a turn-based strategic 4X game.
You must carefully expand your kingdom by constructing buildings and managing your resources. But building your own empire is not easy; there will be challenges along the way, from mountains to navigate, to your rival and his warriors.


After a devastating battle on the populated continent Holme, survivors of the Great War migrated across half the planet to the unclaimed continent Horga.

They seeked rich land in order to rebuild the population and become prosperous once again. Learning from past mistakes, most of the city leaders collectively wrote and signed a peace agreement, allowing for trade and sharing of scientific knowledge in return for a peaceful world.

One leader did not agree with this.

Vadik of Zamon refused to sign the agreement and was exiled from the group of leaders, however, he still had the resources and respect of his people to build another empire.

Afraid of another great war, the world’s leaders decided to take action against Vadik. Anything would be done to stop him forming a new empire and damaging Ustrurn’s newly found peace.


Relaxing kingdom expansion
Carefully build up your kingdom, starting with your city.

Build farms, town, mine and more to gather resources and keep people happy in your kingdom. Be careful not to have a negative income or run out of resources.

Stunning low poly visuals
Explore the map and build your kingdom in a beautiful, colourful world.

Defeat your rival!
Defeat your rival, Vadik, who has become unpredictable and wants to destroy anyone standing in his way of power. Destroy his city, build a monument or buy his city to win.

Or at least, win for now.