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« A Blind Legend » is an adventure game without images in which the player incarnates Edward Blake a blind knight travelling through the kingdom to free his wife who is held captive.

This unique, immersive and epic experience gives power back to the imagination of the player: everyone becomes free to create its own representation of the sound environment in which one is immersed.

It is the same idea that guided the design of this original soundtrack. Four musicians give the interpretation of a landscape, a scene, a character, a battle... In a word, things that have touched them, surprised them or captivated them.

Guided by their imagination, their sensitivity, their culture of video games or cinema and, of course, their own musical style, they enrich the game world and prolong the adventures of Edward Blake.


1: 4TrakZ - Earthquake
2: 4TrakZ – Thork’s Wedding
3: Benjamin Shielden – Edward’s Eyes
4: 2080 – The Frozen Lake
5: Daze – Show Me Again (feat. Gibbz)